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The holidays are finally here! Ya'll know I love Christmas time, it is the most magical after all! This timeof year can be a bit overwhelming too, especially when it comes to wastefulness. Did you know that U.S. waste increases by 20 to 30% during this time? That's millions of tons of unnecessary waste from food to gift wrap to those oh-so-tempting impulse buys. Which brings me to America's favorite consumerist holiday, Black Friday.

Whether you love it or hate it, Black Friday isn't going anywhere. And while many environmentalists boycott it completely I want to be super transparent with you all - as a brand owner and a conscious shopper, I participate in Black Friday every year. The horror! I know many activists are going to stop reading after that sentence but the truth is- who doesn't love a deal? Some people wait all year long for these types of deals and many people can't afford certain items at full price. I know I take the opportunity to stock up on things I use on a daily basis at a discount and I also love treating my Glotanicals community to special deals during this time.

That doesn't mean Black Friday is without its misgivings though. We can't forget why Black Friday exists - which isn't just to give us all these special, limited time, and buy now type of deals. Black Friday largely exists to promote overconsumption and create massive sales and profit for big companies across every industry you can think of. Many businesses create a false sense of urgency around shopping with sales and heavy discounting that results in many of us buyiing more than we normally would.

While there is a lot of temptation to buy more than what we need just because it's on sale, there is a way to participate in Black Friday consciously. Read on for my sustainable approach to Black Friday.

  1. Make a List and Stick to It: Black Friday often lures us into a frenzy of impulsive buying. My secret weapon? A meticulously crafted list! On the notes app on my phone, I keep a list all year long of gift ideas for my friends and family so I know exactly what to look for rather than just going to stores and looking for what looks good. This way when sales roll around, I already know what to look for onsale rather than succumbing to the "deal of the day".

  2. Declutter Your Inbox: Before the Black Friday madness kicks in, take a moment to declutter your email subscriptions. Unsubscribe from those tempting promotions that don't align with your values or needs. This simple step can help you avoid getting swept away by marketing tactics.

  3. Research Your Brands: Dive into the brands you plan to support. Are they committed to sustainability, ethical practices, and fair trade? Consider alternative retailers that prioritize low-waste packaging and eco-friendly products. A little research goes a long way in making mindful choices.

  4. Prioritize Experiences Over Things: Sometimes the most meaningful gifts aren't physical objects. Consider gifting experiences or asking your loved ones about their preferences. It could be a lovely dinner, a concert, or a shared adventure. These moments often leave a lasting impact.

  5. Think Practical and DIY: Opt for gifts that are not only thoughtful but practical. A cute mug paired with quality plasetic free tea, a DIY body scrub, or a simmer pot kit can make for unique and eco-friendly presents. Get creative and show your loved ones you care without contributing to clutter.

So, there you have it – my tips for a sustainable Black Friday that aligns with conscious consumerism and eco-friendly practices. Remember, you don't have to skip the fun; just be strategic about it. Make your list, declutter your inbox, and support brands that share your values. Let's make this holiday season joyous, intentional, and kind to our planet. Happy conscious shopping, everyone!


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