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5 Things: February

I'm starting a new series called 5x things where every month I'll include a roundup of 5x things, tips, or tricks brining me joy that you can get excited about and implement too. This is the first month I'm doing it so definitely let me know how you like it or what you'd like a recommendation on next month! It's my hope that everything I do here at Glo Eco helps you to live your best life and to make sustainability fun. And that's the intention with this new series as well. So without further ado, let's get into 5x things for February.

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I don't know about you but did January feel like the longest month or what? I always end up just holing up and staying at home a lot doing the month of January and it feels great for the first half of the month. But towards the end of the month the winter blues tend to kick in and I'm just itching to get out and do something fun. So, this month I'm doing just that. Emerging from the cocoon, putting on some lipstick and getting my ass out and about lol. With that intention in mind, here's what I'm digging this month.

1. Dry January sips that made the cut into February

Over the past few years I've been experimenting with taking longer breaks from alcohol (like Dry Jan & July) and enjoy the reset it gives me. During these breaks I realize that often it's not actually alcohol I'm craving and instead all I really want is relaxation, an energy boost, or just a fancy drink. That's why having a great alcohol alternative is essential when you're trying to cut back on alcohol. My absolute favorite is definitely Kin Euphorics. They taste like a fancy cocktail and they reeeaaallly work ya'll. They really do make you feel a bit euphoric or elevated as I like to say. I am obsessed with the spritzes - my favorites are the classic kin spritz and lightwave. The Kin Spritz is my go to for social gatherings or a creative boost in the afternoon while I'm working and the lightwave is perfect for winding down in the evening.

2. Vintage Designer Deals

Almost nothing lights me up like finding a great deal on designer fashion. And we all know that buying second hand is not only great for the planet but also a great way to indulge in designer fashion that will last the test of time for less. I've been thrifting designer ever since I was a broke fashion obsessed college grad in NYC and it's something that's grown into a bit of a passion. I love going out thrifting with girlfriends and shopping online too. One of my favorite new sites to shop second hand designer fashion is the Nobo. They have a unique platform that allows you to not only shop and sell but also trade in your designer goods.  If you want to learn more check out my podcast interview with the founder, Noelle.

While they're mostly online, they are hosting a cute pop up in Mill Valley at Surf & Sand on Feb 11th. can't wait to pop by to shop in person and see what unique items they'll have. Recently I bought an immaculate pair of Ralph Lauren boots from the Nobo and currently I have my eye out for an original Gianni Versace cashmere top. Maybe I'll find one at the pop up, who knows? If you're in the bay, come by and shop with me there!

3. The Perfect Refillable Lip for Valentine's Day

On my wishlist right now is the Gucci Westman refillable lip suede palette. It's formulated with good for you ingredients and the colors look amazing. I also love that it's refillable to reduce packaging waste. I love make up that is clean, easy to use, and from a brand that does their best when it comes to sustainability and Gucci Westman is one of those brands. I've tried a few things from Gucci's line and oh my god it's so good so I've got high hopes for the lip suede. Will report back once I try it!

4. Upgrade Your Razor

Switching to a safety razor is one of the easiest eco swaps you can make because it doesn't actually require you to change your habits. You're still shaving but just using a different type of razor. I was a bit intimidated at first because I was afraid I would cut myself and *spoiler alert* I did the first time. But after the first few tries I got the hang of it and found that a single blade safety razor actually works so much better than a regular razor and the refills are SO cheap!

My favorite is the Hanni Razor - it's got a great design, easy to use, cute, and the refills are only $6 for 5 blades. My legs have never been smoother and my razors have never been so cheap! Perfect for your V-Day date night prep ;).

5. At Home Yoga

Ok so this isn't exactly a get out of the house kind of tip and don't get me wrong- I do enjoy a good in person yoga class (especially hot yoga) but I am a full on convert of at home yoga ever since COVID. For me, I get the best results from my workouts when I can do them in smaller sessions every single day as opposed to a few long sessions per week. I also have a pretty jam-packed schedule so to be able to save the time of commuting to a studio and just roll out of bed and onto my yoga mat is just unbeatable for me. That being said, I think it is easier to have an at home practice when you've already been doing yoga for awhile and know what you're doing. If you're a beginner I definitely recommend going to in person classes first because a good yoga teacher is essential for helping you learn how to do yoga correctly and safely. Even if you are experienced it's good to go to a class every no w and then to get some help with alignment or to get to that next level.

If you are experienced and wanting to do yoga at home, I highly recommend Boho Beautiful. I have been doing Boho's classes for about 5 years now and it really has enhance my practice (& abs!). They have classes and programs for beginners and advanced students alike, cover a broad range of styles from yin to power yoga and even pilates. They have an online platform with hundreds of classes and it's a lot more affordable than in person classes. I also love that they have tons of classes & challenges for on their youtube channel so you can try them out for free if you're not ready to commit to a full membership.

That’s all for today! Hope you’re having a cozy February weekend – enjoy this month’s favorites!


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